Friday, October 28, 2011

Daily Journal


Well, I would like to write more just about every day feelings and activities, etc. I enjoy journaling immensely, and have a hard time sitting down to do so. I thought that maybe I would do it more often if I use my personal blog. So, here goes.  

I always feel better when I can say that I 'got something done' today.  I sleep better. So, today was no different.  Today was a BONUS day, in a way.  We teachers worked two evenings, so today was our compensation day.  I really enjoyed my bonus day!  I still have two more days of the weekend.  

So first, I wake up and enjoy 2 or 3 cups of bold, delicious, hot coffee.  I prefer French Roast because it bites.  My brother-in-law John calls my coffee 'crude oil'!  But now, his is just as strong. I guess he took lessons from me! Ha!

Usually Scott makes it up after I have had a few cups. Then, we sit and have another cup together.  It is a pleasant time.  We may talk about our day to come. We may talk about our evening, and if there's anything on the agenda, etc.  Then, it's visiting with Little Dog, Lucy. I take her out. Then she snuggles with Scott on his home made hand-knitted afghan that his mommy Patricia Stone Nelson made him.

Next, it's 'up and at 'em' and getting ready for the day.  Today, being a bonus day, meant that I could stay in my jammies longer!  So, I did! I did some homework.  Yeah, that's right, homework.  I am working toward a Master's in Counseling through Adams State College in Alamosa, Colorado.  It's mostly online, plus a pre-practicum face-to-face, and then, of course, later on, many, many counseling hours under a supervising counselor. So, right now, I'm reading about "Theories and Techniques of Counseling" by Gerald Corey.  It's dense reading. No, I'm not dense! The text is packed with information. I have to really focus, and digest it completely to get the most out of it.  This is my first semester.  So, I am taking 6 hours. I was told that is full time for graduate students! I didn't know that! I am working full time, going to school with 6 graduate hours, and I have a family and home to run. But, actually, it's going along pretty smoothly.  I am doing a pretty good job of balancing all of it, so far. I'm going to do as my own personal counselor advised, "Just take each class one by one, and think of it as a fruit, and just enjoy every bit of the juicy fruit as you go." And, that's just what I am doing. I am trying to live as counselors before have taught me, "Enjoy each moment and live in the present, in the here and now."

So, I did get much done after all. I studied. I organized some plastic tubs. I decorated my house a little bit more for autumn.  I organized the paint cans. I am going to eventually paint my kitchen and hall, along with my bathroom. So, I kind of sorted the cans, kept some, discarded some, etc.   All the while, Lucy was outside basking in the sun, or sniffing every leaf in her path, or running off and making me go get her! The nerve!  I visited with Gracie a little. We planned out our weekend. She has a party tonight and I took her over there.  They are going to go to a Haunted House and then hang out at her friend's home.  Oh, what else did I do?  I ironed all of the napkins that needed it. I had a pile there for weeks and weeks. Got them all finished and crispy smooth! All while I was waiting to take Grace to her party.  I just keep checking off items from the list! I love this!  

You might think that I'm stalling...I need to continue to study and read more about Gestalt Therapy. I need to be ready to take an online test tomorrow before midnight. I need to turn in a two-page report before midnight also.  Well, let me tell you, you can only read so much about theories and techniques before your mind explodes and it's time for ice cream or cookies or both!

So, I'm about ready to tackle the last 20 pages of Perls' Gestalt wisdom.  By the way, Gestalt therapy is my friend.  I believe in "I statements", and living in the now.  That's all I have. The past can torture sometimes. It can make me feel warm and fuzzy and proud to belong to my ancestors.  It can bring back buried memories. But, all I have is this moment.  And, I am going to rejoice and be glad in it!

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