Saturday, March 5, 2011

Make a Joyful Noise!!!

As the Psalmist writes in Psalm 33:2, "Praise the LORD with the harp. Make music to him on the ten-stringed lyre."  Our family loves to do just that.  So, when my husband Scott asked Grace to play with him in worship a few Sundays ago, she jumped on the chance to earn lettering points!  This was Grace's first time playing her flute in our church service.  I hope you enjoy the video. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Today Marks the 36th Anniversary of my Father's Passing

I visited Maricopa. My sister and I stopped by to see "Daddy's Tree".

~~ memorial plaque at  Maricopa Community Church ~~
My father, Charles Robert Myers (January 21, 1921 - March 4, 1975) was a 'great teacher, coach and friend'. So reads the inscription on the plaque that is displayed at our hometown church, Maricopa Community Church, in our desert town in central Arizona.  

Charles came from wonderful stock! His parents Fannie Lillian Daugherty and James Rogers Myers were beautiful, intelligent and educated.  My own son and daughter will be 4th generation college graduates, with hope and prayer, and when it is all said and done.  J. R., his father, was a pharmacist.  I have always thought it would be awesome if we could have some young person carry on that profession. Family out there, do we have anyone in the field, or do we have any takers? 

He never gave up the fight throughout life.  He was a small man. But, that didn't stop him from becoming a World War II Marine; one of the few and proud.  He was a Golden Gloves boxer (to this day, I don't get it... :) ) He was as tough as they come.  He had the fire for perseverance and endurance.  He taught his two daughters (one prissy and one not so prissy) how to persevere and endure. In the summer time, the living wasn't always so easy, with Coach Myers for a dad! He would make us run to the school, do pull-ups on the bar.  I would do my best to silently whine, thinking, "Daddy, we are not your team! Why are you making us do this??? It's summer! We should be watching 'One Life to Live'  or  'Dark Shadows' instead of being involved in this type of physical torture!"

He kept on coaching and teaching, right up until the end, when he could no longer fight against his killer, cancer. 

Charles Robert Myers, circa 1942
Charles, Charlie, Chuck, Speed; he had many nicknames. Those who knew him were blessed to have him for the 54 short years.  He will not soon be forgotten.  Rest in peace, Daddy.  We love you and miss you.

Fruita 8/9 Band Earns 3 Superior Ratings!!!

Grace's Fruita 8/9 band performed and competed in the regional Colorado State Qualifier Competition on Monday, February 28, 2011.  It was a splendid show.  The band earned 3 Superior ratings. I am a proud mama! You wanna know why?  My daughter played a solo and she did such a wonderful job!  Way to go Fruita 8/9 and soloists! I hope you enjoy this video!