Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow Day December 8, 2009

A big winter storm blew through last night. This caused a foot of snow. We had a snow day; very rare and unusual for Grand Junction. I was told that it was the 3rd snow day since 1988. White, that's what it is...white sky, white trees, white ground. Glad I'm inside where the golden fire, sparkling Christmas lights, colorful decorations, and warm drinks will keep me warm. Now, it's off to make sugar cookies with Gracie! Love to all, keep warm, have fun!

"C" Division Volleyball Champs! Fall 2009

8th grade volleyball is so fun to watch! Grace has learned volumes about volleyball. She really enjoys the sport. Serving is her specialty. Getting the ball over the net is not always an easy task. But her team can depend on Grace. They took first place in their division at the tournament. Congratulations to Fruita 8/9 girls' 8th grade teams!

Fruita Monument Wildcat Marching Band 2009!

It was an exciting season for the Fruita Monument High School Wildcat Marching Band. The group has gone from 17 to 70 members in a few short years. This year alone, the group won in Regionals 1st place overall, Sweepstakes, most improved, best drum major; and at State they took 15th overall!!!! Wow! It is thrilling for me as a parent to see the hard work pay off, from the director all the way down to each marching band member. When the group went to State, Grace and I went over to the Colorado Springs area. We got to have some fun of our own!!! We went to a 'real mall' and had a blast! What deals we found! Ha! Good times...

Breckenridge Music Teacher Training August 2009

What do you think about going to a conference just a couple of hours away from home, seeing this beautiful rainbow, learning a lot and getting graduate credit for it? LOL! Well, that's just what Bobbe, Ruby, Jami and Suzie did just before our school year began. Wow! It was a wonderful time. We learned a bunch about shadow puppets. (Ask me about them some time!) We enjoyed each other's company, savored good meals and beverages, and met new friends; all in 3 days! I love my job, friends, and career!

Registering for School! Fun!

Here is an updated picture of the kids. Philip is 15 and Grace is 13. They are good kids. Each one has his/her own activities and interests, including (Philip) baseball, DeMolay, weight training/working out and hanging out with friends; (Grace) texting her girlfriends, attending Christian youth events, shopping and going to the movies. I am proud of Philip and Grace. They are kind, considerate, responsible human beings. They get straight A's and are members of band and National Junior Honor Society. Please pray for their safety and good lives!!!! Thank you!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Beautiful Outer Banks of the Atlantic, North Carolina

Top: An exact replica of the Wright Brothers' flying machine. It is at the Wright Brothers National Park Exhibit in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

Bottom : A beautiful red sunrise in Stedman.

Right: The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse on the Outer Banks of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina with Arevia

I took the trip of a lifetime when I got to go visit my 'second mom', Arevia Pearce. She lives in Stedman, North Carolina. Her daughter (and my lifelong friend) Sharon and Sharon's husband Arthur live there too! Arthur, Sharon and Arevia took me all around, including the Outer Banks of the Atlantic Coast. The Outer Banks is the most interesting of land forms. It is a very long strip of land running along the Atlantic Coast. There are homes and businesses along the Outer Banks. That's where Rodanthe is! You know, from the book and movie, "Nights in Rodanthe"? So, on the East of the OB, is the Atlantic. On the West of the OB, is the Sound. Then the mainland. This type of spot (the wind and the sand) make it a perfect place for potential motorized flyers to get off the ground. So, Orville and Wilbur hung out on the OB, and that is where the first flight took place; right there at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina! The only thing that bothered me about the visit, was that I wished my family were there to experience it!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Summer Fun at the Mesa County Fair 2009

We love the Fair!!! The kids and I have been attending the Fair for 3 years now. It just doesn't seem like summer until we have hung out at the Fair for a full week, day in and day out; morning, noon, and night! Each year the kids have grown and learned and become so much better at raising market lambs. They have quite a great group of friends who hang out or just pop in for a day. What makes me so proud is that Philip and Grace always give some of their profits to a charity of their choice, usually Shriners Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. I hope you enjoy this shot of our fun Midway rides and the beautiful Colorado sky!