Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cotton Velour Terry Cloth Hooded Baby Towels

Here is a picture of the latest of my hooded baby towels! It is pink, for a baby girl named Willow. So, I have embroidered her name on the hood, and appliqued a tree. The tree and name are trimmed in a willow green. The towel will have lavender satin trim, to match the fabric of the tree. I love to do this for fun, and as a part of my home business; but mainly for creative therapy! I hope you like them too! I sell these for $40.00.

Happy New You!!!! 10 Things You Can Do For a New You in 2010

My friend Mary Ann, who sells the finest therapeutic grade essential oils, sent me this. The credit is at the bottom of the article. Enjoy!
Happy New YOU - "10" Things You Can Do to a New You in 2010

Here are 10 things you can do ~
that if you bring consciousness to ~
will Create a New You ~
in 2010 !!

The simple becomes profound, even life changing,
with just a bit of conscious awareness to normal
activities of daily living.

I've created this list and added short explanations
of why, how, and what to expect.

Applying conscious awareness to these things, along with
positive intent, will produce outcomes that will create
a New You in the year to come.

Chew your mouthful of food at least 20 times.
Digestion begins with chewing. Saliva lubricates
the food and releases enzymes to help break down
food. It also aids the transport of nutrients from
the food into your body.
This will help you:
--feel full faster
--eat less
--have less gas and bloating

Take deep breaths often and prolong
exhalations when you can.
Deep breathing brings more oxygen into the body.
Every cell is nourished. This promotes
relaxation. Your metabolism will increase.
Endorphins (the bodies own painkillers) will release.
The lungs help to detoxify the body.
This will help you:
--relieve stress-related aches
--sleep better
--clear the mind
--rid of toxins

Move the body as often as you can
including bouncing motions. Movement
and bouncing mobilize your lymphatic
system. This system helps to remove
toxins from your tissues, There are many
other benefits to moving your body.
This will help you:
--eliminate toxins
--develop muscles strength
--improve bone health
--breathe more naturally
--oxygenate tissues
--strengthen your heart
--burn calories
--decrease your appetite

Create conditions in which you can sweat.
The skin is an organ of elimination and
has as one of its functions the ability
to get rid of harmful toxins in the body,
thus taking pressure off of other important
organs of elimination.
This will help you:
--cleanse your skin
--improve blood circulation
--lose weight
--detoxify the body

Smile more. Smile often. Smile as much as you can
(even if you don't feel like it).
People are drawn to people who smile.
Smiling lifts the face and makes you look younger.
This will help you:
--improve your mood
--stay positive
--relieve stress
--look more attractive
--relieve stress
--seem more successful
&nbs p;

Get yourself in the sunshine often in small doses
but at least 5 minutes a day.
Vitamin D is produced by your skin in response to
exposure to ultraviolet radiation from natural sunlight.
There is overwhelming research to the benefits of
taking in enough Vitamin D, and it is so easy just
through sunshine.
This will help you:
--prevent osteoporosis
--balance insulin production
--prevent cancer
--improve depression

Make sure your colon is eliminating properly.
Many health experts say that "death begins
in the colon". Improper elimination, such as
constipation can have tremendous negative impact
on the body and it can create toxicity in the tissues
and the organs which appear as a variety of symptoms.
Ideally you should have a bowel movement naturally
after every meal. Consider colon cleansing techniques
if you are not pooping enough.
This will help you:
--think more clearly
--breathe better
--eliminate allergies
--stop bloating after meals
& nbsp; --have more energy
--lose weight
--improve concentration
--absorb vitamins and minerals better
--have clear skin
--have better overall healthful feeling

Being an authentic listener has tremendous benefits.
When you truly listen to others you can expand your
knowledge, improve relationships, reduce communication
errors, and become more well-liked. Listening to
yourself has even greater benefits. Having the ability
to be still and quiet enough to listen to your inner
voice and Divine Guidance can shift your perceptions,
strengthen your decisions, and change your life. Listening
is the basis for many meditative practices.
Listening better to others and yourself
will help you:

--solve problems
--make better decisions
--learn more about others and yourself
--have greater recognition
--be less distracted
--gain more respect
--uncover opportunities
--have more inner peace

Drinking water is vital to the body. Our bodies are made
up of mostly water and when we are dehydrated the many
systems in the body suffer. Every cell in the body needs
water. True hydration comes from drinking water only, not
from other beverages.
This will help you:
--reduce hunger
--look younger with healthier skin
--rid body of fat
--combat daily ailments like headaches
--improve digestion and constipation
--keep joints and muscles lubr icated
--be more productive and alert
--think more clearly
--relieve fatigue

Stretching comes naturally to all of us, but not
many of us pay attention to when we want and need
to do it. The body has a natural inclination to
stretch when the muscles and tendons have not be
used for awhile, such as upon awakening from sleep.
Stretching is also very natural for
animals. We can observe how frequently cats and
dogs stretch to become more aware of our own
need and desire to stretch. Stretching frequently
with conscious intention (beyond the natural
inclination) helps to keep the body in shape.
This will help you:
--increase blood circulation
--reduce muscle tension
--increase energy levels
--increase range of motion
--reduce back pain
--increase flexibility
--feel good

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