Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Joy Garden

We Nelsons are really enjoying the beautiful sights, feels and sounds of summer. It has been a hot past week, but overall, we love it! The skies have some glorious pictures for us. Grace gets to practice her photography on our fancy camera. The air has a beautiful feel too. When I let my little dog Lucy out, I like to sit in my cushioned chair and enjoy watching her run around, or just sit in the grass. I like to watch the moss roses bloom and the twirly-whirls spin. I have some little painted rocks that say "Joy", "Rejoice", and "Peace". I put two rugged crosses in my Joyful spot. I put some rusty things on my house. I realized that I had just turned into my mother! She loooved rusty old things on her house! I call this quiet place my Joy Garden. It reminds me of Mom. It helps me to adjust my mind into a joyful place. It seemed so easy for my mother. Not so easy for me. But...I keep working on it!


  1. Looks like a peaceful spot :-) (and we all become our mothers some day).
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    (Doesn't it seem like the wedding was months ago???)

  2. I remember Johnnie's house, of course I still live next door, with all the old rusty things everywhere. I loved it. I often wondered what happened to everything...Marvaann